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To empower and inspire underrepresented youth by giving them tangible resources for success.


Our Impact:

  • Over 20,000 copies of our book "Pulse Of Perseverance: Three Black Doctors On Their Journey To Success" sold to date!

  • Over 525 "Five Star" ratings for our book on Amazon!

  • Over $65,000 in monthly scholarships awarded to promising high school and college students since September 2018!

  • Over 20,000 combined social media followers on Meta platforms 

  • Over 245 mentor signups before our official app launch


Pierre, Max and Joe want to share their story of friendship and perseverance to show black youth that athletes and entertainers are not the only examples of achievement and success.

Through their book "Pulse of Perseverance," the doctors reveal how they overcame poverty, dysfunction and failing schools to accomplish their dreams of becoming doctors.



In 1998, Max Madhere, Pierre Johnson, and Joe Semien were three young, black, premedical students at Xavier University of Louisiana. Each was struggling with the demands of Xavier’s rigorous curriculum, yet each was determined to succeed, even if the statistics—or the stereotypes about black men—said otherwise.

By drawing on each other’s determination and individual strengths, they forged a brotherhood and created a bond so strong that it would carry them through college, medical school, and well beyond. Now they’ve come together in Pulse to share their stories and encourage young people of color to pursue high-level careers.


Today, Pierre, Max and Joe want to share their story of friendship and perseverance to show young, black men that athletes and entertainers are not the only examples of black achievement and success.


They believe that it is not enough for them to have made it and found success, but that they are called to pull others up along with them.


Together, they want to serve as positive examples who encourage young men and women in under-represented communities to aspire to something greater in their personal and professional lives.


Pierre, Max and Joe worked hard and overcame many obstacles, but they also understand that no one succeeds on their own. They had each other, but also many people along the way who served as examples and who pushed them to succeed.  This is why they decided to write Pulse of Perseverance — the story of their difficult journey to becoming respected, successful doctors.


Writing this book inspired them to found Pulse Of Perseverance, a 501c3 organization dedicated to empowering and inspiring youth from backgrounds like theirs to work towards their goals by giving them a blueprint and resources for success.


In doing this, they hope to combat and redefine the negative narrative surrounding black males to lessen the ways prejudice and inequality hinder black men from achieving success.


As the founders of Pulse of Perseverance, Pierre, Max and Joe want to share their story as motivational speakers and serve as mentors to black youth who want to achieve their own visions of success.


By working with nonprofits, educators, youth organizations, mentors, churches and counselors, they believe creating a different future is possible.

Meet The Board of Directors

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Dr. Pierre Johnson


Board certified Ob/GYN who is heavily involved in mentoring and community outreach. He resides in Chicago and has established relationships with multiple youth organizations, which will be instrumental in securing the participation of students and mentors for the P3 app.


Dr. Max Madhere


Board certified Cardiac Anesthesiologist who is heavily involved in mentoring and community outreach.  Dr. Madhere is a current board member of 100 Black men of Metro Baton Rouge, whose mentors and mentees will also be instrumental beta testing the P3 app.


Dr. Joseph Semien

Vice President

Board Certified Ob/GYN.

Co-Founder of Pulse of Perseverance.


Dr. Andrea Madhere


Board Certified Chiropractor. Owner of Chiropractic Concierge.

Experience with business accounting software.


Stanley Savage,


Manager of financial audit at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana. 

Mr Savage has extensive experience with Financial analysis, financial reporting and auditing.


Vondale Singleton

Founder of CHAMPS male youth mentoring organization & Vice Principal of Gary Comer HS in Chicago.

Mr Singleton has extensive experience in securing funding from major corporate donations such as Jordan Brand.


Kristen Carter

Owner of JazziDreamer Entertainment.

Extensive experience with television production (development to network delivery), editing, and production. 

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