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Pulse of perseverance is an organization whose mission is dedicated to empowering and inspiring African American youth by giving them a blueprint and resources for success. 

Since the development of our nonprofit, we have realized that there multiple prohibitive factors that prevent black children from fulfilling their academic potential, and the majority of it has to deal with access to resources. 

We have worked extremely hard to achieve our goals, but had to overcome so many obstacles that were rooted in our inadequate K-12 educations (in comparison to many of our medical counterparts). So while it is true that our stories can be used as a source of motivation for underprivileged youth, the reality is that it cannot be the only component if we want to see real results.

African Americans make up 5% or less in any field that is considered highly advanced. There are systemic issues that contribute to this appalling number. In order for us to change this daunting statistic, we have to be able to operate outside of the system that maintains status quo. 

In many instances, success is a product of proximity. Therefore, if you come from a neighborhood where there has been centuries of disinvestment in your community from systemic racism, what are the odds of you having a successful career in one of the STEM fields? The answer is slim to none.


Scholarships to driven African American youth who have proven through action that they are “changing the narrative” in their respective communities. While this helps reduce the “wealth gap” by a margin, we feel as though this effort is a small component of our efforts to make lasting change. 


The P3 app is meant to take mentoring to another level for the children in our communities who need it most.


We have built a pilot model utilizing our own funds that we hope is the blueprint for a sustainable web based app that allows mentors to effectively communicate with underprivileged youth on a national platform. 


One goal for the app is to provide an avenue for mentors who are currently in fields where African Americans are underrepresented to connect with kids who may not have been previously exposed to those respective disciplines. 

The second goal of the app is to also provide an intellectual space where underprivileged youth across the nation will be encouraged to support, assist, & motivate each other in their respective fields of interest in order to achieve their goals. By doing this, our hope is that these children can find their “power circles” or network at a much earlier stage in their lives so that they can stay motivated on their path to success. 

Our ultimate dream for the app is to remove some of the prohibitive factors that prevent our children from fulfilling their potential. In order to cultivate a completely positive and enlightening experience for students, The app will require a few vital components:
   1.    A clean & attractive interface with low error rates & quick response times.
   2.    An IT manager who will be responsible for enhancing development software and addressing technical needs of the app.
   3.    A development manager who will ensure data systems are in place for tracking and reporting analytics.

Our P3 app is based on 3 pillars, which will allow our youth to have the opportunity for career advancement in STEAM, finance, law, and entrepreneurship. 


Our pillars are:

1) Creating a strong foundation by connecting mentors and mentees through our advanced matching algorithm.

2) Creating an ecosystem for how youth can support, assist, and motivate each other to reach their goals. 

3) Serving as a conduit for how corporations can find diverse, successful, and eager talent 


All of the aforementioned will require continuous financial support and sustainability. Therefore we are asking all who believe in this work to help us “close the gap” 
in making a more fair and equitable society.


Thank you for your time and consideration. If you believe in our mission, lets continue to build so that our nation can live up to its ideals

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