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Our P3 app is revolutionizing mentorship for underprivileged African American youth. This innovative web-based platform connects driven students with mentors from underrepresented fields, fosters a supportive community where students can motivate each other to achieve their goals, and provides a channel to internships opening up new possibilities for success.



Our nonprofit acknowledges the multiple barriers limiting Black children's academic potential, largely linked to resource access. Despite overcoming obstacles rooted in inadequate K-12 education, our stories alone can't drive substantial change for underprivileged youth. African Americans remain underrepresented at 5% or less in advanced fields due to systemic issues. To alter this statistic, we must operate outside the status quo system, recognizing that success often hinges on proximity. For those in communities historically disenfranchised by systemic racism, the odds of success in STEM fields are exceedingly low.

The P3 app is takes mentoring to another level for the children in our communities who need it most.

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Discover new pathways, explore various careers, and gain valuable insights to shape your future through the guidance of dedicated mentors.


Access mentors who understand your unique experiences, challenges, and aspirations, creating a supportive environment for success.


Connect with experienced mentors dedicated to supporting and guiding underrepresented kids, fostering personal growth, representation, and exposure.


Our user community comprises of mentors, mentees and corporate partners.

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A mentor is a trusted advisor who shares expertise, offers guidance, and supports someone less experienced to help them grow personally or professionally.

Types of mentors:

  • Guide: Works 1:1 with you and will have very few mentees so they can be more attentive. They will help guide you through academic struggles, testing, career goals, and college applications and will also recommend Experts to you.

  • Expert: Has multiple mentees. They are in the career you have expressed interest in and or are already in. They will provide step-by-step knowledge on their career paths and advice on how to get there and succeed. They usually respond in 2-3 business days.


A mentee is an individual who receives guidance, support, and knowledge from a more experienced and knowledgeable person, known as a mentor. Mentees seek advice, learn from the mentor's expertise, and often aim to develop specific skills, knowledge, or abilities in various aspects of their personal or professional life through this relationship.

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Get direct access to diverse, eager talent.

Opportunity to be a part of the ecosystem: by contributing mentors, being an Admin, providing internship and career opportunities, as well as information and training/testing on our platform directly to the youth for free (helps with the socioeconomic disparity).


This is the direct funnel needed for corporations to diversify their talent pool with eager, smart, and capable students.

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